​Diamond Destiny is truly a pleasure with her sweet loving temperament. This girl is full of energy always ready to play and also gentle with the pride. She brings strength to the mix.

DOB  04-19-2017

​Swab  HCM/Pkd  N/N

Fidelity Feline's Rory

           IntroducingBeholds aka                    Kumskaka's Diamond Destiny​​

​                     Polydactyl 4x4

Maine Coon Kittens for sale in Oregon

We are excited to introduce our newest                       addition Enchantacats' Shila Rose

Julietta ​Such a confident little girl full of life and energy. She brings spirit to our cattery. She is very vocal and trills a lot. Gorgeous Green eyed and Polydactyl.

DOB  06-23-17


​This sweet girl is truly a blessing with her inquisitive nature. Softly engaging and always ready to play she brings to us hope and kindness.

DOB  08-15-2017

​Swab  HCM/Pkd  N/N


      Nacoonzi's Julietta Romea Rose' Polydactyl

​Growing into a queen. Only 8 weeks old (o:

               Ready to breed June, 2018

This is Confetti ever so confident and never a dull moment. This girl is high energy while she demands peace and order. She enjoys her entire pride and human parents.

​Swab HCM, PKd n/n  

​DOB  09/15/2016



Rory is refined and demure. A serious girl with a deep stare. She brings intelligence and order. She enjoys sunny days in her catio and her best friend Nefertiti.

​Swab HCM, PKd n/n

DOB 05/01/2016

Fidelity Feline's Nefertiti

​Introducing Red Line's Confetti

​Nefertiti brings joy and confidence and loves spending time with us. She is happy and playful with a twist of goofiness. She enjoys water play and her catio.

​Swab HCM, PKd n/n

​DOB  04/10/2016

In A Coons Eye