​Kittens born to No Limit and Confetti               on December 12th, 2017

Girl~ Eyes half open

​Autumn Rose

​No Limit



   Reserved for

  Jason & Linda

Girl~ Eyes not quite open


      Reserved fo

   Lionel & Alison


Maine Coon Kittens for sale in Oregon



  Reserved for

Julie & Sookie


​​8 Kittens born December 23rd, 2017

​             Kittens are all sold by application only

Please visit the "Contact Us" page and fill out a submission form and we will send you information and an application form you can fill out and send back via email.

​Boy~ Eyes not open yet


​Granddaughter Azaria & Grandson Aydan with

​     Autumn Rose's kittens at 2 weeks old~

3 Kittens born 12~23~2017